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Meet the NSPCC's expert child protection consultants at Hotel360.

All accommodation providers that come into contact with children and young people, at any time, need to ensure they have robust safeguarding arrangements in place. These will not only help to keep children and young people safe from harm, but also preserve and promote your brand and thus prevent serious reputational and legal repercussions.

Hotel staff are in a unique position to identify children and young people who are being sexually exploited and we want to work with you to protect every child that walks through your doors and ensure that no child suffers the trauma of abuse. Other child protection challenges amongst hoteliers that we can support you with include:

• Sexual exploitation of children and young people;
• Inappropriate relations developing between hotel staff and teenagers;
• Age of consent issues;
• Safeguarding policies for childcare or activity clubs provided onsite;
• Safeguarding employees aged 16-18 years;
• Safeguarding code of behaviour including online safety
• Social networking (hotel staff connecting with younger customers via social media sites);
• Recruitment and vetting policy for those staff working with children
• The safety of children in relation to their parents behaviour (drinking, lack of supervision etc.);
• Training your staff to have the skills and knowledge they need to feel confident about recognising and responding to child protection concerns or allegations against colleagues

With the hotel industry moving more towards self-service technology, additional risks in identifying and protecting vulnerable or exploited children will be posed. We want to work with you to better understand these risks and work together to identify clear steps your organisation can take to protect children and young people coming onto your business premises.

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