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28 & 29 SEPT 2021


Nestlé Professional

We`re Nestlé Professional®, the foodservice team at Nestlé. We`re all about creating partnerships. From schools to shops, hotels to hospitals, full-service restaurants to self-service canteens, we`re here to inspire you and help your business grow through our insight and creative food and beverage solutions.
Being part of the world`s largest Food and Beverage Company, we work closely with leading chefs, food technologists, nutritionists and sustainability experts to share with you a wealth of insight that keeps you at the forefront of innovation.
Our industry knowledge and passion for nutrition health and wellness, nurturing talent and thought leadership ensure that we constantly share value with our customers through platforms such as Nestlé Professional Toque d`Or, our annual student catering competition since 1989.
Our recipe for success ensures we work tirelessly to make more possible for you, our customers and your consumers.

Tel: 0808 278 5379

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