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28 & 29 SEPT 2021


Meiko UK Ltd

Meiko is specialist in hotel warewashing, providing award-winning technical services support that is second to none in the UK catering industry.

Our best references come from our existing hotel customers, from undercounter glasswashers to the largest banqueting and potwashing systems.

If you want spotless, sparkling results every time, as well as consistent and fast response to technical issues across your chain, or time proven solutions that save labour, as well as energy, water and chemicals, then Meiko is for you.

Meiko is also unique in offering a `No Bills` all-inclusive package, ensuring no extra costs for the customer and including planned maintenance as well as rapid response to breakdowns.

NEW for HOTEL 360 is our undercounter glass washer M-iClean UM. Using GiO reverse osmosis, it ensures no more hand polishing and faster washing results! Optionally available is heat recovery, offering 15% energy savings and no more clouds of steam when the door is opened.

FOOD WASTE HANDLING: Unlike some other waste handling solutions WasteStar CC features labour saving design and it converts all food waste - including bones, shells, liquid waste, oils/fats, even plant stems - to liquid, for storage in sealed tanks until collection/conversion to biogas or fertilizer.

WasteStar CC cuts labour because it fits smoothly into the warewashing process while cutting out the need to transport waste in bins or leaky black sacks. It also saves the need to sanitise bins and a small fortune in sacks!

Inlets are installed where you need them and it gives a sustainable result rather than polluting the drains, meeting all the objectives of sustainability required by responsible caterers.

Tel: 01753 215120

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