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Locusalpha LLC

TYNI is the ultimate in-room tablet solution for hotels globally. At Tyni, we leverage technology to facilitate last mile service excellence for limited & luxury hotels, enabling them to offer a superior in-room experience to their guests. If you`re a hotel that values efficiency and customer satisfaction, Tyni is for you!

Our best-in-class digital platform brings all in-room guest services, such as food & services ordering; entertainment; digital directories; local travel guides, and many more, at their fingertips. And all this, in a user-friendly, interactive & highly customizable digital experience.
At Tyni, we believe in creating value for our partners.

Here`s how Tyni is helping hotels create unprecedented efficiency, maximize revenues & serve guests better:

Dynamic Pricing + Up-selling Suggestion = HIGHER REVENUES
Printing costs = 0.00
Happier customers = Customer Loyalty

Our easy-to-use interface is available in all major languages and our premium tablets are built to last, delivering a smooth, lag-free experience.
If you`d like to discuss how Tyni can help you maximize your ROI, you can:

Call us at: +91 9840985840
Write to us at:

If you`re interested in knowing more about Tyni, a complete list of features is available here.

Tel: 07821196364

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