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Leisure Energy Ltd

Leisure Energy is a sector leading Energy Saving Consultancy. We work with a range of companies who operate facilities helping them to understand and reduce their 24 hour energy usage, subsequently reducing consumption and costs, together with lowering their carbon footprint.

We can help to enhance customer satisfaction within your hotel portfolio through the installation of energy savings measures and technologies, assisting in creating a relaxed and comfortable environment for your guests.

Our services include:

Energy Assessments

Design and Installation of energy conservation measures (ECMs) including
• Low energy lighting and controls
• Solar energy systems
• Water control systems
• High pressure, low volume showers
• Air handling units
• High efficiency pumps and motors
• EV Charge points
• High efficiency boilers
• Pool covers
• Heat pumps
• Air conditioning controls
• Building energy controls and submetering

We can also help with Energy Reduction Training for staff, managers and board members to explain how systems work and the financial benefits of energy saving technology.

If Capital expenditure is not an option we can offer Project Funding which is paid for by the financial savings that come from the energy reduction projects.

Tel: 01865306688

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