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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


InnSpire - Sales & Entertainment Engine

InnSpire is a TV and Mobile Entertainment and Sales Generating platform for leading hotels worldwide. With InnSpire, hotels can Sell More, Entertain Better, Analyse and Optimise.

InnSpire allows the hotel to analyze and optimize the services they provide, using the Analytics Dashboard™ that tracks customer behaviour. With this feature it`s an easy task to determine which products and services are the most or least profitable and make appropriate adjustments accordingly.

InnSpire`s Guest Media Streaming software solution allows guests to quickly and easily stream their own content without the use of apps or downloads. All modern entertainment services such as Netflix, Spotify, TV, games and more are available, on any screen that the guest prefers. Whether they choose to use their iPhone, iPad, PC, Android device or the TV in their room, all types of entertainment, as well as hotel services, can be instantly and easily accessed.

Tel: +46 70 855 2226

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