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Hydro Genie Systems a trading name of Biskit Controls Ltd


In tests carried out by the Strathclyde Eco Innovation Unit on a large secondary school with our Commercial Hydro Genie System installed it saved 39% of the gas use.

The circulating water is the most inefficient part of a heating system. It contains dissolved oxygen and when heated it forms as bubbles on the heat exchanger. This acts like bubble wrap, and slows down heat transfer. Micro bubbles coat the inside of the heating components causing rusty black sludge.
The Hydro Genie System, STOPS this from happening.

The Systems uses Applied Physics, Fluid Dynamics and Electronics, TO CLEAN,.. ENHANCE,.. and REGULATE THE HEAT TRANSFER to the circulating water,.. this can also provide up to 20% more heat across radiators.

The Systems come in all Domestic and Commercial sizes and are retro fitted to the heating pipes & wired to the control circuit.

With over 250 Domestic units already installed and 7 Commercial systems.

The Technology
The Patented Hydro Genie System, applies a sequence of fluid dynamics within its chambers, which allows two laws of Physics to be introduced.

The first law, removes the dissolved gasses from the circulating fluid, this prevents the formation of bubbles on the heat exchanger, as the bubbles act as an insulator. It is just like having bubble wrap in between the water and the heat exchanger, slowing down the heat transfer when the heat is applied, this also stops oxidization, and can kill lime scale inside the pipe work.

The second law, comes into play when the fluid is devolved of gasses, the fluid dynamics start to compress the fluid, which then lifts in temperature by 2 - 3 degrees, with out burning any fuel.

This is partnered along with a tailored electronic temperature controller, that senses the temperature of the heating flow and return pipes, which controls the enhanced heat that is now available, this provides a reduction in carbon emissions and reduction in fuel consumption.

Limitations to its application.
The system works on the heat transmitting fluid & the thermal regulation of it. It can accept fluid from any heating boiler burning - LPG, Mains Gas, Oil-fired boilers or even via a heat pump. It will work on forced air systems, using fluid to convey the heat from the heating source.

Tel: 01786 850 375

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