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28 & 29 SEPT 2021



Raise your customers` environmental awareness while saving water and energy!

An average shower in the EU is around 75L at home, and twice more at a hotel. HYDRAO monitored showers have an average of 18L. Such results are obtained by leveraging on behavioural change and on our water efficient design. Indeed, HYDRAO changes colors based on your water usage, creating a nudge effect spurring you, in a positive way, to take shorter showers. And our range of showers have flow limiters that reduce the water flow down to WaterSense standards without reducing the comfort.

For hospitality building managers, HYDRAO innovative and impacting solutions thus improve customer retention and profitability. Thanks to HYDRAO, the Golden Tulip of Lyon saved 36% on its bills related to hot water for sanitary use, and customers showed great enthusiasm for HYDRAO`s innovation.

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