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28 & 29 SEPT 2021


Hotel Application

Hotel Application is creating an innovative event solution dedicated to the hotel industry. It will employ deep and machine learning algorithms to suggest new valuable contacts during an event. Behind the newly established company stand Meeting Application.

Hotel Application has a specific plan: to allow hotel chains to upgrade and expand their offer while enabling new marketing and sales channel. Thanks to this tool every hotel could develop an app itself and offer it to its customers organizing an event at the hotel.

Data proves that the whole idea seems to be a good step. The global hospitality sector is thriving (projected 5-6% growth throughout 2018, according to Deloitte`s 2018 Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook), and the groups of event attendees are a significant driver for the hotel industry according to Amex 2018 Global Meeting Forecast.

The tool establishes a new communication channel between a hotel and attendees of the event held therein. At the moment, in case of one or two-day conferences, the common issue is that attendees don`t stay in a particular hotel. In such situation, Hotel Application`s tool provides the possibility to present hosting hotel`s offer.

How will the attendees take advantage of the application? For instance thanks to advanced networking feature. Let`s imagine a situation, where the attendee registers in the application and gets information about the potential client`s representative present at the same conference. This mechanism will be based on deep and machine learning.

The idea of creating such a tool dedicated to hotel sector results from Meeting Application`s previous experience. Starting cooperation with French group AccorHotels was essentially a turning point. It played a crucial role in making a decision about creating a new product and a company that will devote to it.

- Our main goal is to meet the constantly growing needs of hotel chains in the field of technology. But first of all, we want to hand over the power - thanks to our tool hotel chains will be more self-reliant and independent when it comes to third-parties - explains Adrian Czyczerski, CEO of Meeting Application

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