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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Go Circular

Go Circular is a management, consultancy and collaboration platform. As advocates and engineers of the Circular Economy we enable our clients to access low carbon, bio based & clean technologies to develop and implement more sustainable operations. We de-risk the journey towards implementing a holistic, enterprise wide Circular Economy approach.

For our Clients we deliver sustainable operations through the adoption of environmental and low Carbon best-practice based on the principals of a Circular Economy, (the Circular bit).

Through the adoption of these processes, and in conjunction with other procurement support, we enable businesses to make significant cost savings, generate enhanced bottom line financial performance and add value to the business, (the Economy bit).

Our strategic partnership with leading business transformation consultants, Auditel, compliments and supports our implementation of sustainable processes to achieve financial benefits. Offering-up enhanced opportunities to implement the best `green` standards & practice that are intrinsically linked to overall business performance, reducing costs and adding value to the business from both an economic and an environmental perspective.

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