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At Flower Power Coffee Co., our mission is to provide coffees and edibles that will enhance the life experience of health-conscious consumers through the use of legal, non-mind altering infusions.

We value the importance of giving back to the community, creating new jobs within Flower Power and our affiliations/partners, supporting worthy non-profits, and fundraising to benefit the community. We believe in the value of friendship, education and working with companies who have great products and/or with whom we can collaboratively develop innovative products.

Who are we?

Flower Power Coffee Co - CBD INFUSION SPECIALISTS based out of Ridgewood, New York. Our reason for choosing coffee as a medium for infusion is pretty simple. Almost everyone loves coffee! We drink it every day, some people throughout the day. It`s completely socially acceptable, and an effective way to start the day. Infusing within coffee makes it much easier for people to ensure they can medicate daily without having to worry about forgetting to take it in other ways.

Our coffee comes in a variety of great flavours, Columbian, Costa Rican, and a soon to be announced UK Signature Blend, as well as various seasonal blends This gives the customer a choice as to which coffee tastes best for them. Our Edibles Range from Caramels to jams and jellies - with a view to expanding the edible range to compliment and marry up the Coffee Blends with edible infusions to compliment the flavours of both. Like, in the UK, an after dinner coffee with an After Eight Mint ! A classic Combination.

You are more than welcome to visit our website to get an idea of who we are, and what we do.

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