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18 & 19 SEPT 2019



Your complete platform for Hotel Operations Management and Staff Communication.

Flexkeeping helps making hotel operations simple by mastering operational tasks and internal communication. It covers areas from housekeeping and maintenance to management and even includes guest service requests. Moreover, its built-in voice control and translation features solve multi-lingual barriers among employees directly through the easy to-use app.

You can tailor the cloud-based Flexkeeping solution according to your needs, select add-on modules such as quality control, unified reporting and benefit from the progressive guest satisfaction feature - all this and more as a convenient SaaS model.

Based on real-time information, the app is capable of improving the quality of service, guest experience and staff productivity. As a consequence, hotels are given a real opportunity to maximise their performance and revenue.

Founded in 2013, Flexkeeping is currently operating 30,000 rooms in 250 hotels of renowned global brands, making it one of the leading and fastest growing companies within its field.

Tel: +44 2039364280

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