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28 & 29 SEPT 2021



FabLittleBag prevent blockages, oceanic pollution and guests from feeling awkward

FabLittleBag: The worlds first guest and planet-centric disposal bags - Your hotel may be 5* but your guests experience of disposing of her used sanitary products is definitely not! FabLittleBag is here to change that and bring a 5* experience into the bathrooms of your hotels, finally upgrading the disposal experience. FabLittleBag not only finally makes disposal a feel good experience but it also encourages those that normally flush tampons, pads, condoms down the toilet, causing blockages and ending up in the rivers and oceans, to pause, be educated, feel catered for, and bin instead. Just like the message about towels, FabLittleBag is here to change behaviour for the better of the planet; biodegradable, sealable and opaque they make disposal an easy , clean hygienic experience and tells the female guest that you care about both her and the environment.

Tel: 07740054816

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