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18 & 19 SEPT 2019



Managing the energy and utility performance of an asset such as a hotel, or any building for that matter, is a hands-on job. It`s a difficult one, too.

Energy Dashboards abound on the market, and all seem to pride themselves in the myriad options on offer. It`s a competition of which dashboard can pack the most number of features on board!

Yet, you do not have time to wade through dials, lists and confusing options which even an expert may find difficult to interpret. Nonetheless, YOU are responsible for periodic reporting on energy consumption and ensuring that energy costs are bridled.

This is why we designed REACH, the energy management platform. Let's see how REACH helps you.

Consider REACH as your 24/7 Energy Manager (Butler) assiduously collecting data, processing it, and sending you beautifully formatted reports as often as you want. And you know what? REACH alerts you through a simple and elegant mobile app in case energy performance needs attending to on the spot.

No need to visit your energy dashboard anymore, no need to set time to analyze data and prepare reports, no need for random on-site spot checks to ensure the asset is working at its energy efficient best.

Now imagine you are in charge of the energy performance of a group of hotels. Your job is almost impossible to perform to the full before the introduction of REACH. With REACH, you can now focus on those areas which need attending to. Nothing more.

And what`s more; on those rare instances when you may log on to REACH platform, REACH is fun to use.

REACH is actually an ecosystem of a super easy to navigate Energy Management Platform, electronic controllers, sensors and meters which are designed from the bottom up for retro-fitting in Operational Hotels. This is why REACH provides results, lowering your energy and utility costs.

Meet us at our stand for a live demo of REACH.

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