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Elecosoft IconSystem

Innovative cloud-based digital specification solution for the Hotel Industry.

The lconSystem is a unique common data environment that brings together teams to collaborate from concept design stage, through construction, fit-out, refurbishments and manage ongoing property projects.

Specs & Standards
Manage all your specifications and building design
standards in one place. Our truly unique solution
houses all branding and concepts for architectural
design, specification, standardised room types, policy
and requirements allowing them to be shared and
communicated internally and externally. This means
that every little detail relating to room equipment,
lighting, engineering, mechanical and environmental
systems, is accurately stored and readily available to
all your teams.

By design, Specs & Standards eliminates the
possibility of having out-of-date or conflicting
information and has an in-built change management
function which allows revisions to be instantly
updated throughout the solution. With a full version
history and change notifications the IconSystem
automatically shares information with relevant people,
data is kept secure and confidential based on your
pre-determined user permissions.

Projects & Properties
Manage your projects and properties, large and small.
Our secure controlled system improves efficiencies,
in particular when your team members work across
different disciplines. Based on your chosen pre-determined user permissions, our system facilitates collaboration and the sharing of information. You can consolidate all of your systems with one solution, determine the type of access granted to users, as well as enable additional functionality to hide sensitive and confidential projects from general user view.

Tel: 01858 468345

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