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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Eden Eco Solutions Ltd

Slash your waste disposal costs! Purest, freshest water on tap!

At Eden Eco Solutions we provide fully proven environmentally friendly solutions for waste management and water purification which will enhance your customer experience, reduce your costs, and help our environment. Leading organisations around the world are embracing these technologies.

Waste Management

Up until now using traditional waste collection services has been the only viable solution for hotels. But now, all of that is changing. We want to share with you the best-kept secret in the industry. Traditional waste collection services would rather you didn`t know about what we can deliver. But now the cat is really out of the bag. If you run a medium to large hotel (200 rooms and upwards). Eden Eco Solutions would like to invite you into the 21st century, and give you a peek at technology which is shaking the waste management sector to its very core... Come and visit us and find out how you could cut your waste disposal costs in half....

Water Management

You are in the business of catering to your customer`s every need and comfort. But what about your water supply? In many places customers will stay at high class hotels but are worried about eating salads, or any fruit that has been peeled. They won`t brush their teeth in tap water and some even have concerns about taking a shower. And it`s a fact that 60% of report stomach disorders are due to water, not due to food. But what if your customers could have total confidence in the quality of your establishment`s water supply in every area?

Please visit us to learn about a patented technology that has undergone over 50,000 university tests and is proven to completely eradicate all harmful bacteria and pathogens from all water sources. These compact, energy-efficient machines provide a chemical-free solution to deliver pure, clean, fresh water from municipal water or any source (well water, rain water, surface water or boreholes) to independently verified drinking water standards. Come and visit us and learn more...

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