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28 & 29 SEPT 2021


DropTop.™ Smart desk solutions.

As the UK and global workforce look at alternative work patterns and locations to base themselves – home , office , hotel , workspace etc  – we want to introduce you to a new workstation solution ;




The world's first fully integrated , plug-and-play, wall-mounted workstation and folding desk


Offers guests  a really professional-grade, ergonomic workspace anywhere they need it  without giving up any space or compromising decor.  

Ideal for guestrooms , Meeting rooms , Co working space or Lobbies 


Elegant, compact, and unobtrusive, DropTop.™ turns from a stylish painting into a huge, ergonomic desk when opened. It connects to any laptop via a USB cable, turning into an instant multi-screen workstation, designed for productivity, and built for professional use.   

The painting can be personally designed and ordered for bespoke frames 

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