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Empower your workforce with CrewPlanner, the premier digital planning system.
CrewPlanner is more than just an outstanding planning tool - it's a complete end to end staffing solution. Organising staff used to be difficult, but with CrewPlanner you can easily control every aspect of your staffing and planning from one screen. Our solution empowers your workforce, reduces administration costs, minimises the chance of errors and saves you time.
Engage and empower your workforce with the use of our app. Employees can manage their availability, clocking time and manage their documentation taking the workload off your HR team all within their mobile app. With CrewPlanner everything from onboarding to exporting payroll is covered - there's no need for a whole fleet of tools when everything can be done in one place. Onboard staff, assign to shifts, change schedules, manage their data, generate contracts, rate and review staff, track skills, message teams, clock in & out, export and process payments, manage your employee & customer database... this list goes on.
This amount of functionality can sound intimidating but we take great pride in our simple and clean user interface, everything is easily accessible and quick to learn. After 30 mins with us, you will be an expert. Plus, we aren't like the typical software company; we won't abandon you once you sign up. We train you and your team to be experts in CrewPlanner and you can get hold of us with a click of a button within the system whenever you need us.

Tel: 01223901239

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