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Carbon Credentials

Carbon Credentials enable enterprises to connect sustainability with business value, helping create productive, low carbon environments that people love working or staying in. With nearly a decade`s worth of experience, we are known for generating measurable impact and proving the real value of sustainability.

In 2018 our award-winning programmes targeted 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 reduction, enabled £26 million of savings including saving Village Hotels, The Jockey Club and Everyone Active each over £1 million.

We`ve delivered carbon reduction solutions to over 200 of the world`s leading blue chips. Clients trust our expertise, our commercial understanding and our ability to make the business case for sustainability.

To help clients lead on achieving greater sustainability, Carbon Credentials supports through a combination of technology, data intelligence and people engagement to deliver impact and results. We show clients what their low-carbon future looks like; and then we give them the detailed strategic roadmap to make the journey including helping clients to re-think and re-engineer the sustainability of building portfolios, supply chains and operational process.

Carbon Credentials supports the entire carbon reduction process - engaging stakeholders and employees from boardroom through to boiler room - to enhance an organisation`s carbon management in a way that`s good for the planet, staff wellbeing, the company`s reputation and its bottom line.

Our technology captures and analyses more sustainability data than any other provider. We benchmark client performance against data from over 43,000 buildings in 60 countries worldwide, generating more than 20 million rows of data daily. Our optimisation solutions use these insights to drive impact and action to deliver an average ROI of 14% and a sub 12 month payback.

We infuse client organisations with enthusiasm and excitement for a low-carbon future, making the drive for sustainability evidence-based, purposeful and achievable.

Tel: +44 (0)20 3053 6655

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