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Brigad is digitising the workforce - we are the link connecting businesses with independent hospitality professionals in just a few clicks.

Launched in 2016 our platform gained significant traction, receiving ovaer £10m in funding. Today we are the market leaders in France and operate in two countries across 6 cities with over 3500 brigaders available to over 2500 businesses.

There are 3 simple ways businesses use brigad:

- For last minute needs
- Seasonality and Holiday cover
- Recruitment

The process is simple. A business posts their needs through the app or website, they get connected with the best suited person. Shifts can range from a few hours to a couple of months. We also take care of everything. Invoicing, insurance, and payment.

All freelancers using our platform go through a rigorous 4 step onboarding process, including a face to face meeting. We do this to ensure those using our platform are highly reliable, experienced professionals that reflect our values & professionalism whilst working with businesses. Only 4% make it through onboarding.

Visit us at stand 403.

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