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18 & 19 SEPT 2019



Advrtas is the world's only premium Immersive Smart Advertising product for Mobile enabling brands to better connect and actively engage with their target audiences at a lower cost across today`s programmatic ad channels. More than JUST a new ad product, AI Immersive Smart Ads represent a shift in the control of digital advertising from the networks and exchanges to the advertiser. By leveraging non-traditional Immersive Media formats and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Advrtas is able to capture large amounts of data directly from within the ad unit and use that information to optimize the ad for content, traffic, targeting and more.

With an unparalleled technology solution, Advrtas helps the travel industry leverage immersive media today at scale to drive sustained ad engagement and active time spent with a brand resulting in higher levels of brand recall, message recall and intent to purchase.

Tel: +18186309600

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