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28 & 29 SEPT 2021


5stelle* Native Cloud Pms

5stelle* is a native cloud based PMS, that make you save time and ease your hotel management and online sales, on a daily basis.
The reception is always under control. Thanks to native cloud technology you can manage your accommodation anywhere, anytime. With the new Pocket feature, you can take care of your business even from your smartphone.
Full control of on-line and off-line sales. 5stelle`s ALL IN ONE solution, so you can manage the OTA`s and the booking engine at the same time. Overbooking will be no longer a problem.
Hardware free. 5stelle* runs on any device, even on your MAC. No servers, cables or installation cost. You just need an internet connection.
Affordable and all inclusive...annual fee depending on the number of the rooms. Telephone and online assistance 7 days a week, updates, hosting and data backup, workstations and users: are all included. Set-up is quick and easy!
Join to our +1.800 clients in 15 countries!

Tel: +39 0524 59 78 45

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