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28 & 29 SEPT 2021


Guido Bis LTD

Revolutionary Cleaning Products

We are excited to present you with a bright solution that is guaranteed to save you a lot of money in your cleaning business!

Be Smart in Your Business!

VOIGT products presented to you by Guido-Bis Ltd.
Economically Better: £3 - 5 bottle of concentrate equates up to 400 litres of solution. £0.04 - £0.18 a litre of solution. Special deals for wholesalers.
Quality to the Highest Standards: VOIGT awarded the Business Credibility Certificate, Part of the European Regional Development Fund which focuses on innovation, research and a low carbon economy.
Environmentally Friendly: the products are biodegradable, they are in favour of keeping our planet clean and safe, the EU Ecolabel is a major.
Advanced Nano-Technology: Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Stone, Anti-Fog, Active-Oxygen
Shipping: these products are concentrated so you need to buy them less often than any other cleaning products. This means you are saving money of storing them and also on shipping. Free delivery within UK Mainland.

We know that changing the supplier is not easy process sometimes. Guido-Bis Ltd provides free consultation and training to make the transition from one product to ours the easiest way possible.

Tel: + 44 2074276064

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